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Computel designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help your organization become more competitive. We deliver industry specific business solutions to a number of industries including Banking & Finance, Media, Industry, Contracting, Insurance, Education, Telecommunications and Healthcare.


Computel is able to stretch its coverage of the technology landscape through strategic joint ventures, extensive and strategic vertical focus and a well-trained and talented workforce.

We partner with more than 50 leading high tech hardware and software manufacturers like NetINFO, NetApp, Fujitsu, DellEMC, Salespad, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec, VERITAS, Veeam, Cisco, HP Networking, APC, 3M and others to provide end to end business and IT solutions that make a difference in our customers’ business success.

Our business culture makes us real partners to our customers.  Our services, business solutions and customer support bring a level of excellence that no other competitor can match. Our customers know that their requirements are met on-time, within budget and with high quality professional services.

Our consultants have combined skills in business processes and experience with the latest technologies which allows us to build effective yet innovative solutions tailored to each client.

As a systems integrator, we provide you with access and control over the key tool for the development of your enterprise, business information. Detailed knowledge of the resources and the effective management of business processes within the organization offer our customers a full range of tools for business management and open up new opportunities for optimization and growth. Our portfolio includes intelligent solutions for the automation of  business processes in the fields of digital banking, insurance, distribution, manufacturing, services, supply chain, project accounting, and several other areas. Computel's consultants know how to adapt solutions according to the specific business dynamics of each of our customers, not only because they are passionate about doing what they do, but also chances are they have been involved several times in successfully optimizing similar processes for other customers.




  1. Sales and support of the latest in IT technology.
  2. Enterprise platforms and infrastructure.
  3. Enterprise business solutions.
  1. Systems integration.
  2. Storage and ITSM (IT Service Management).
  3. Test and Measurement instruments - calibration, testing and tuning of Entrprise Networks and Access Networks.